a.Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens and under 25 years old.

b.Applicants must have a high school (or above) degree.

c.Applicants should be physically and mentally healthy and able to study and live independently.

d.Applicants are interested in learning Chinese and other related majors and want to understand Chinese society, economy and culture.

e.Applicants have a certain economic foundation and can afford the expenses incurred in studying in China.

f.The applicant has the required English or Chinese language proficiencyfor admission.The hsk4 transcript or the English Proficiency Certificate(equivalent to lELTS 5.0) should be provided for the application ofdegree program.

g.To those who are unable to provide proof of language proficiency can apply for the Preparatory program forone-year language learning.After obtained hsk4 certificate can enter the degree program.