(I) School size

Located in Changzhou Science & Technology City – China’s first higher vocational education featured one, Changzhou Vocational Institute of Mechatronic Technology is in China’s important economic central area – the Yangtze Delta Area and one of China’s one hundred backbone colleges under national key construction. It covers a land area of 942mu, with a building area of over 300,000 square meters, nearly ten thousand regular students on campus and more than 600 teaching staff members.

(II) School-running philosophy

Started in 1963, Changzhou Vocational Institute of Mechatronic Technology was upgraded independently in 2002, under the administration of Jiangsu Provincial Education Department. Since its start of schooling, it has carried on the school motto spirit of “emphasizing both knowing and doing”, stuck to the school-running philosophy of “human orientation, technology worship, open & sharing, and excellence pursuit”, boldly innovated school-running mechanisms and systems, initiated to interact, cooperated to seek win-win, established the council of school and enterprise cooperation and brought into existence the cooperative educational platform of multi-disciplinary, interactive and diverse-function “industry, school and park + workstation”.  It has established the Jiangnan Equipment Manufacture Technology Production & Educational Park on campus; 8 school-enterprise cooperative workstations are established outside the campus. The two have complementary and interdependent functions, integrating resources of four parties: government, industry, school and enterprise, realizing in-depth school-enterprise cooperation and increasing school-running vigor.  In 2014, Changzhou Vocational Institute of Mechatronic Technology established nation-wide vocational educational groups like the China Machinery Industry Talent Training Alliance for Modern Agricultural Machinery Equipment and the China’s Vocational Educational Group of Industrial Robots and Intelligent Equipment of Machinery Industry, promoting in-depth industry-education integration, increasing school-running attractiveness and building famous brands of vocational education.

(III) Talent training

Changzhou Vocational Institute of Mechatronic Technology proactively meets the needs of regional industry development, establishes 9 groups of majors: materials forming & control technology, machinery manufacture technology, intelligent equipment technology, network of things & manufacture industry informatization, industry & art design, business administration, economic trade, vehicle & agricultural machinery technology, and electric power technology, among which 4 groups of majors are among key ones of those offered by Jiangsu Province's colleges and universities over 2011-2015.  It now boasts 2 brand majors of Jiangsu Province’s colleges and universities, 3 characteristic majors of Jiangsu Province’s colleges and universities, 3 key construction majors of Jiangsu Province’s model higher vocational colleges, 5 key construction majors of national backbone higher vocational colleges, 2 projects for improving majors’ serving industrial development capability in higher vocational schools, and 4 characteristic majors of China's machinery industry. At present, it has established 33 professional information resource databases and 59 course teaching resource sub-databases, among which the “Professional Teaching Resource Database of Industrial Robot Technology for Vocational Education” has been determined by Ministry of Education as a “National Professional Teaching Resource Database for Vocational Education”; it also has another 2 course sub-projects of national professional teaching resource database for vocational education. It shoulders the task of helping each student become talented. As an important base for training intelligent equipment technology talents in Changzhou and Jiangsu Province, it offer about 3,000 graduates to the local area each year, and its employment rate and employment quality rank top in China; 100% of its graduates obtain both diploma and professional certificates. Survey data from Mycos indicate that the employment rate of its graduates after half a year upon graduation and their average monthly income are both higher than the average of national backbone higher vocational colleges; the employment competitiveness after half a year upon graduation ranks top among model (backbone) colleges in Jiangsu Province. 

(IV) Social service

Changzhou Vocational Institute of Mechatronic Technology now boasts 1 national-level teaching team and 3 provincial-level excellent teaching teams; over 80% full-time teachers are both teachers and vocational professionals; over 61% of them are with Master’s degree or above. It has established a “multi-directional and multi-dimensional” social service system, formed 7 scientific research service teams and built 14 national- provincial or city-level technical service platforms. In recent three years, the Institute has conducted 75 government-sponsored scientific plan projects at the city level or above, tackled 19 crucial generic technologies, and 172 authorized patents, among which there are 19 invention patents. It has conducted social training like “reverse engineering” for 70,614 person-times, obtaining social service remunerations of about RMB 50 million. It has been awarded as a “Model Base for Highly Skilled Talent Training in Changzhou City”. The “Changzhou Research Center for Robot and Intelligent Equipment Application Technologies” has been awarded national innovation fund in 2013, making the Institute the only higher vocational school hosting such a project in that year. It has successfully incubated 10 hi-tech enterprises, among which 2 are with output of over RMB 100 million; it has also attracted foreign-invested enterprises like Yaskawa to invest in Changzhou, which promoted the construction of “Changzhou Robot and Intelligent Equipment Industry Park”.